5 Features That Will Ensure Fun, Safety, And Convenience At Your Next Family Reunion

While relatives will most look forward to spending time with one another at your planned family reunion, chances are that they’ll also be expecting good food and some entertainment to round out the event. Creating a menu, hiring a caterer, or putting together a potluck plan is one important aspect to focus on during the preparation process. And scheduling a band or DJ will help to keep things exciting. Here are five other features to consider implementing that will ensure fun, safety, and convenience at your next family event:

Dumpster Rentals

One of the most important features to make available at your family reunion is a roll off dumpster. A big dumpster should be able to hold all of the debris and garbage that results from a large family reunion, and it will prevent you from having to deal with a mess once the party is over. Nobody will have to search for a place to throw stuff away, so spending hours cleaning up shouldn’t be a necessity. Your service provider will simply drop off and pick up the dumpster at the times that you schedule, making the job of garbage control and cleanup virtually a hands-off task. You can learn more by visiting http://www.tri-statedisposal.com/.

A Monitoring Crew

It’s a good idea to have a crew monitor your family reunion to ensure uninvited people are not granted entrance, and to manage the needs of your relatives throughout the reunion. Whether someone is in need of medical attention, a place to lie down, or an extra chair to relax in, your monitoring crew should be ready to take the reigns and handle any requests or problems that arise. Teens in the family make awesome crew members, but if you can’t get a commitment from relatives, don’t be afraid to hire an event crew to take the task on.

Sanitation Dwellings

Whether you plan to have your family reunion at home or in a public location, having extra portable restrooms set up will ensure comfort and convenience for everyone in attendance. You should have one portable restroom available for every 50 people who will be attending the event so that nobody has to stand in line when they need some relief. If you expect lots of little ones in attendance, consider reserving portable restrooms with changing tables built into them. You can even order porta-potties with sinks in them as long as you have access to a water source at your event location.

A Backdrop Photographer

Instead of hiring an event photographer to create traditional memories of your family reunion, consider hiring a backdrop photographer instead. This type of photographer will show up equipped with a series of backdrops that can be setup at your event for relatives to pose in front of for unique photo opportunities. Look for a photographer that can supply backdrops in a variety of settings such as tropical, country, and circus locations. Kids and adults will love posing together, and the photos are sure to tell a fun story that can be used to create memory keepsake albums for attendees. Encourage relatives to bring along props for picture taking.

Inflatable Entertainment

A great way to keep all the kids entertained at your reunion so the adults can enjoy each others’ company with peace of mind is to have a few pieces of inflatable entertainment delivered and set up. A huge inflatable slide, a trampoline center, and a pool full of plastic balls are all awesome options that will turn part of your event into a miniature amusement park that the little ones won’t be able to get enough of. All the activity will give the kids an outlet for their energy so they can quickly settle down as the evening comes to a close and the adults are getting tired.

It’s a good idea to have small maps of your event printed so that guests know exactly where to find everything from disposal and sanitation options, to seating and entertainment amenities.  

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